The Tantra-Yoga  classes are a fusion of Hatha yoga, tantric meditations, energy exercises, breathing techniques with mantras, and movement.

The classes last 75 minutes and through working with the energy, emotional and physical body you will be left glowing and ready to face the real world.

Come and treat yourself to a gift of being present in the body, boost your immune system and increase your stamina as well as re-wire your nervous system through positive affirmations, surrender and acceptance given to yourself.

Come and spend some time in the intimacy of your own body and breathe yourself back to life.

NEW yoga class in Teddington: Monday 6pm (starting in September) at private venue

6pm (private venue)
7.30 pm @Physio and Therapy

10.30 am (private venue)

6pm (private venue)
7.30 pm @Physio and Therapy

10.30 am (private venue)
7.30 pm (private venue)

(optional) Saturday
10 am (private venue) TBC


1x Monthly

Mindfulness Meditation

Yoga classes in Teddington

Cost: £14 drop-in or £60/block of five classes with an 8 week expiration date

Monday and Wednesday classes at 7.30pm are held at the Physio Therapy Centre 80 Broad street, Teddington.

Places to all classes are limited, therefore advanced booking is essential. Some of the morning classes might not run, or can be cancelled any time if the number of booked participants is less than 3

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Please bring a yoga mat (if you have one, otherwise there are a few spare ones), a water bottle, wear loose clothing. Do not eat at least an hour before the class. I invite you to follow your body at all times during the practice.

The theme of the class varies from week to week and I feel into the energy on the day to take you on a journey that feels right for each group at a given time.

For private yoga classes click here

Often we feel daunted by the word yoga, especially if we have never tried it before. There is a belief, that yoga is for skinny girls in Lululemon outfits. Most of the people who don’t like yoga have never tried a class or have come across a class that was not for them.

Give yourself and yoga a chance, let go of your fear or conditioning.

You can do yoga if you can breath. Why not try it out for you, see my YouTube video

(Advanced booking is required for all classes, including free ones and you might need approval from your GP in order to attend a class).

Unfortunately I cannot accept you into my classes if you are pregnant or postnatal due to insurance policies.

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