About Edina

I have been immersing myself in yoga, tantric philosophy and spirituality since 2006.

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Didi yoga

My journey towards yoga was led through various injuries caused by other sport activities and also through

realisation that has come through the philosophy of yoga and its relevance in everyday life.

I use yoga as a healing tool just as well as a way to keep the body alive and full of energy.

My life purpose is to inspire and empower others and to share my own experiences in my classes and teachings.

I create bespoke practices based on the need of the individual or the group and I specialize in yoga therapy and work with individuals on a holistic level.
As a child I’ve always been searching for something with a spiritual meaning.
Something that connects everything.
Something that connects body with the soul.
Something that makes sense for the whole being.
I then in London met David Sye, Duncan Wong Katy Appleton, who opened my eyes to yoga. A whole new world unveiled itself to me, a system which has been helping me to battle through the challenges of life, be it physical or emotional. Yoga has become my lifestyle and spiritual guide. Since 2007 I have been sharing this inspiration and knowledge with my friends and students.
I have been practicing yoga for 10 years, and in 2012 I graduated from the British Wheel of Yoga certified TriYoga Teacher Training programme with Susannah Hoffman, Jeff Phenix and Carlos Pomeda. In my teachings I combine my knowledge of yoga with my scientific knowledge (BSc)and Massage practices (ITEC Massage Diploma), tantric philosophy and healing”.