Working with the Chakras

increasing the flow of prana, removing the obstacles
workshop with Didi Mohiniyoga11_1
Saturday 20th February 14.00 to 17.00
This workshop is open to all levels
Where: private venue in Teddington TW11
Cost: £25. Spaces are limited.

– Yoga moves and breath practices to cleanse your channels of life force energy, allowing your energy to flow with more ease
– working with the seed mantras of the chakras – to deepen into meditational states.
– deep relaxation with visualisation to nourish you

Chakras are junctions where energy channels cross. When energy flows smoothly we are at ease. When energy is blocked, health issues can develop. In yoga essentially we cleanse the body to remove energetic blockages.
We will journey through breath, mantras, tantric meditations, asanas and yoga nidra.
We will draw from the practices of Swara, Hatha, Mantra, Tantra Yoga, Vigyan Bairav Tantra – the practices I have experienced and practiced during the past 9 years.
Come and experience expansion of your energy in a friendly environment. Book at Eventbrite here

Past workshops:
Breathe to live and meditate to expand
experience your breath and life force energy
find out about the quality of your breath and why should it matter?
increase your energy and calm the nervous system leading to meditative states
workshop with Didi Mohini
Sunday 29th November 14.00 to 17.00
a private venue in Teddington TW11
Cost: £25
There is a very intimate connection between the breath and the mind. The charge of all experiences sits in the mind. Emotions are covered by thoughts and thoughts are covered by energy. When you balance your energy by breathing and meditation the mind can rest back into stillness and you can see the Self clearly without any disturbance.
We will journey through breath, mantras, tantric meditations, mudras, bandhas and yoga nidra. When you do pranayama (breathing) and meditation your eyes shine and your prana expands.
Come and experience this expansion in a friendly environment. There might be gentle movement. This workshop is open to all level.
To book contact Didi at Please note that places are limited for this workshop.
Book at Eventbrite here Eventbrite - Breathe to live and meditate to expand
please note that tickets are non-refundable 14 days before the event.
Didi is an inspirational tantra-yoga teacher. She combines hatha yoga, tantric meditations, energy exercises, breathing techniques with mantras and movement. Didi creates bespoke practices based on the need of the individual or the group and she specializes in yoga therapy and works with individuals on a holistic level.




Connecting BODY + MIND

  • with JC Rawady & Didi Mohini

    River Bourne Club

    Heriot road, Chertsey, KT16 9DR

    In this workshop we will explore Mindfulness and Awareness through bridging the mind body connection. You will be invited to explore the:

    – Introduction to Sensorial Awareness & Practices of white Tantra with Mindfulness

    – Connection of Yin & Yang and their importance in your practice

    – Playing with the transformative edge of Strength & Softness in postures

    – Connection of your physical body to how you feel, power of positive affirmations. You will leave the workshops with useful practical tips to increase awareness in your own yoga/meditation practice and your everyday life. Most importantly you will leave connected to your body and feeling the Love…like as usual.